"He who knows what sweets and virtues are
in the ground, the waters, the plants, the
heavens, and how to come at these
enchantments, is the rich and royal man."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What the World Eats in a Week:

A Dollar A Day! $1/person/day

A Dollar A Day!  $1/person/day
We were blown away by all the Coke and other multi-national labels in the hungry planet video clip above that seemed to permeate the tables and kitchens all over the world! It would appear us Earthlings can't live without our sugar water (or make that high fructose corn syrup water). Our backdrop is the only Pepsi you'll see in this month's photos. Aleli has nicknamed this old half of a tin sign, " Food Shortage".

Sunday, August 3

Some hunt, some gather, some coupon shop at Vons!

Ok folks, time to add my 2 cents to the pot today. I just want to put on record that food cost yesterday for James was zero dinero! I might have picked up a food poisoning “bug” somewhere along our mis-adventures in food. Yesterday was very rare for me as I was rather ill and could not hold down my cookies so basically I did not eat anything until 2am. I found a bowl of leftover pesto bowtie pasta in the fridge and that was it. Aleli, the love of my life took great care of me and made sure to keep the steam going on the blog. I have to make one correction to her posting. I was a vegetarian off and on for about 6 years, maybe 1 year in total! As a vegetarian I would eat McDonalds French fries from time to time (see quote of the day). Anyway, starving myself came naturally for me while being sick on Saturday. At first I thought I was experiencing some type of healing sickness. That’s where you change your diet overnight and feel terrible the next few days for doing it. I’ve had a few of those experiences. I’ve gone 7 days on a juice fast once and there was a stretch of time when I drank gallons of carrot juice. Papa Lee J thought I was coming down with jaundice when my skin started turning orange. That’s a nibble of food history for me. I also was a service manager at a grocery store and know a thing or two about coupons. CHECK this OUT!

That's a 65% savings!!!!!!!

Back in the day while working for the supermarkets you could find shoppers with over a $100 in groceries and getting that down to $10 with coupons. I can even remember a few times when the store had to pay the customer. Today we took advantage of a few Vons Super Saver Coupons that should really help breakfast for next week. Unfortunately the best deals are usually the products that are sugar loaded. As a kid I use to put sugar on my frosted flakes and I turned out ok. Sugar loaded cereals are not usually a part of our breakfast of champions these days. However, getting a $4.79 box of Kix for $1.50 comes out to about 14 cents a serving. That works well within our budget and General Mills claims that these cereals are a good source of Calcium and Vitamin D. Kid-Tested, Mother-yet-to-be-Approved.

A few other Supermarket tips: Check on the dates behind the products that are faced towards the front. Sometimes moving a few products aside to reach back an item or two can get you fresher product by 3 to 5 days. And never feel obligated to buy the 2 for $3.00 specials. Most often you can get just the 1 for $1.50.

Calcium and Vitamin D, It must be good for you!

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