"He who knows what sweets and virtues are
in the ground, the waters, the plants, the
heavens, and how to come at these
enchantments, is the rich and royal man."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What the World Eats in a Week:

A Dollar A Day! $1/person/day

A Dollar A Day!  $1/person/day
We were blown away by all the Coke and other multi-national labels in the hungry planet video clip above that seemed to permeate the tables and kitchens all over the world! It would appear us Earthlings can't live without our sugar water (or make that high fructose corn syrup water). Our backdrop is the only Pepsi you'll see in this month's photos. Aleli has nicknamed this old half of a tin sign, " Food Shortage".

Thursday, August 21

Making Banana Pancakes, Pretend Like It's The Weekend, Yeah!

We started the day with international flair. We brewed some left over, organic, fair-trade, bird friendly Cuban coffee that we brought back to the US from our vacation to Vancouver, BC Canada a couple of months ago. We prefer to use our french press for single servings to save on grains and make a really solid cup of java.


Here we have some day old brioche that makes the most amazing French toast.

These were acquired from Le Pain Quotidien.

sliced brioche, dipped in egg and milk batter with a dash of cinnamon, griddled to perfection!

Banana pancakes made on the fly, the brioche were gone in 60 seconds!

Apples. Good for humans..............

......and many others!

Friends dropped in to share "THE best donuts in the world!" with us. There was actual crispness to the bite in these peaches. They really were good!

All the makings of our $2.50 dinner.

We kicked it up a notch by doctoring our inexpensive store bought sauce with some home grown goodness. Onion, tomatoes, garlic...............BAM!

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